One of the leading knitted Garment Manufacturers


Delivering outstanding quality products is the way of life at S&T with over 5 years experience in the garment industry S&T Clothings and its associate company is aimed at making quality garments to meet customers specification with on-time delivery commitment.

Our focused approach and administrative abilities have helped us penetrate the market and increase our turnover in a short tenure.

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Combining different tendencies for a more raging and unique style for a modern and younger generation of men

  • Round Neck Tee
  • V Neck Tee
  • Collar T-Shirt
  • Track pant
  • Full Open Zipper style
  • Hooded T shirt
  • Hi-neck Tee
  • Shorts-All Types
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Uniquely inspiring fashion styles for women designed sustainably to increase the longevity of the garments

  • Girls and Ladies Top
  • Leggings all Variety
  • Track pant
  • Pyjama set
  • Sleeveless top
  • Hooded Tee
  • Hi Neck Tee
  • Full open Zipper
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Balance between allowing your children to express their personal style, and making sure they are comfortable in them.

  • Baby wears (Romar)
  • V Neck Tee
  • Collar Tee
  • Top & Bottom Set
  • Hooded Tee
  • Baby Frock
  • Round Neck
  • Girls Leggings
  • Pant & Shorts
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All other style will be made to order